10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

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How to earn moneyPart time jobs /Work from home are the best way to make money/income from home. There are so many part-time/work from home jobs like offline jobs as well as online jobs that can help you to earn more income at sitting from your comfort zone.

10 Latest Part Time Jobs (Offline & Online Jobs)

Majority of the people who are looking for part-time jobs want something that can be done from their home in his/her comfort zone in their extra time. There are so many jobs available from home for those jobs male as female can don from her comfort zone.So first, Simple online part-time jobs that can give you instant income.

Part-Time Online Jobs

Everry one is looking for Part-time online job from home ,from his/her comfort zone. Here Careerfiesta listed around 10 online jobs that you can do in part-time and generate Passive Income,You can work from anywhere in the world ,while you travelling in other countries whether in flight or Train ,You can feel fully comfortable for these jobs . These jobs can give you Extra Passive income more than your expectations.

  1. Part Time Blogging

If you want to make some extra income rather than from your full-time job, part-time or looking for a high paid online jobs , if you are housewives and student, blogging is the best opportunity for you.

There are so many students all around the world, housewives and part-time job seekers earn money between USD 10,000 to 50,000 per month from blogging itself.

Blogging is not such a hard thing,You can create your own website (free or paid) where you can write your daily experiences, tips & ideas, share your knowledge or opinion or anything else you think is beneficial to the world.You can connect with us we will provide free website building services Mail for more [email protected] or Here 

People will visit your blog & you will make money from your comfort zone.

There are so many of ways to make money with blogging & you can choose any method you like to work with.

You can make money by displaying ads on your blog and by selling affiliate products, provide consulting services, selling your own products and through paid membership etc.

You can become a part time blogger & make a stable income but it takes time to learn blogging. We have developed one of the best training that can help you to learn blogging quickly.

Also this is not so simple as above two but if you work hard and put your hard effort then you can really earn good money even by working part-time from your comfort zone and generate passive income.

You can just SIGN Up on careerfiesta,

  1. Online Surveys

Online surveys is the another online job that you can be done in part-time, you can give your free time in a relaxed manner. Here, you will have to give your opinion about a number of products and services. Surveys are very important for every business.

Surveys are generally important for businesses to identify the tastes and interests of their potential customers of that product.And how much peole interested about the product .In Online surveys provide reviews about product or services .You should aware about good online survey website job providers.

  1. Affiliate marketing

If you want to make money and generate passive income to become rich by working hard then affiliate marketing is the best option for you. There is a great potential of making money from affiliate marketing.

There are 1000 of websites on the internet that provide affiliate programs. You can join the affiliate programs of your choice & promote their products.You can promote Web Hosting and other product from Amazon.There are so many websites provide online courses ,web hosting ,apps affiliates.

You can make up to 50% by selling by the products of the advertiser in your blog. And you don’t need to worry about maintaining the products, shipment, customer handling warehouse etc.

Some of popular affiliate programs are Amazon, Flipkart,JVzoo,Rakuten Advertising Clickbank, VCommission etc.

  1. Complete Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of very popular sites where you can become a seller & provide your services for $5 and more than this. But in starting you have to take good reviews .So you can do everything in minimum cost or in free for reviews and make client base .

There are thousands of Indians and other countries people who are making good money from Fiverr. There are hundreds of things you can do on Fiverr.

I will recommend you to visit Fiverr & check what other people are doing & what can you do.Its depend on your skills.

Our training will show you how to make great income working part-time in Fiverr. Just click the Signup link above & download Fiverr.

  1. Online tutoring

With the availability of online video chat facilities through Skype, you can earn by tutoring students online. In addition, if you are a subject matter expert, you can also provide consultancy services as well.

You can check the sites like Wiziq, Tutor India, TutorCity.in where you can become a tutor & teach online in part-time.

  1. Data entry or Form filling


  1. Content Writer

Content writing is one of the best part time opportunity for seekers if you love writing. For writers there are so many requirement for content writes ,blog writers .

You can check the job sites like Careerfiesta , Linkedin,Naukri,Indeed, Quikr etc. where you can find jobs related to writing work or join the sites like Careerfiesta,Lexiconn, Fiverr, UpWork & other Freelancer sites to find work related to writing ,blog ,content.

You can write content related to Technical,Health,Funny and many more .

  1. Play games and get paid

You may surprized after seen this heading. The fact is that playing games can give you so much money. For testing purposes, some gaming companies provide opportunities for people to earn as game testers. You can play live stream of gaming on Youtube , Facebook and Twich. You can also earn from these platform also.


  1. Become a captcha solver

Everyone knows captcha. It’s an image that you see at the time of creating an email or signing up any website. It’s a way to control SPAM.

There is no way a software can read this message. So you need to become a capthca solver, identify such images & type the characters so that automatic signup will be successful.

Companies pay you $1-$2 to solve 1000 Captchas. If your typing speed is good, you can solver 1000 captchas in 1–2 hours. This is a low paying online job & you will hardly make Rs.5000-Rs.6000 per month by working part time.

You can check best Captcha solving sites here.

  1. Micro jobs

If you are looking for online work or part-time one option is Micro jobs. You can earn from doing small tasks like sharing a page, searching on Google, identifying an image, watching a video, writing a short article/review & many more.

We will show you some of the best sites that can provide you such micro jobs online website. You can join these sites & work part time for 2–3 hours daily & make a good income.

You can Signup on Careerfiesta and Subscribe to our channel on youtube for our Free training package to get the list of micro job sites.

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